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Land Change and Ecosystem Science


The Land Change and Ecosystem Science (LanCES) initiative at Texas State University is a multidisciplinary research network designed to integrate existing capacities in scientific and geospatial data collection and processing, modeling, and data analysis to document and examine land cover and land use change (LCLUC) and associated ecosystem processes.  Texas is a "natural laboratory" for investigating the causes and drivers of LCLUC due to its great geographic extent, biologic and demographic diversity.  

Featured Research

Andi Hollier and Corby Schaub
Texas View Grant Recipients

Undergraduate students Corby Schaub and Andi Hollier were each awarded TexasView Research and Education Grants (2016) to conduct Land Use Land Cover Change research for major metropolitan regions in Texas. Their research projects will contribute to an ongoing study that uses remote sensing data to document four decades of urban growth in Texas and enable subsequent analyses to predict trajectories of change.